Air Conditioner Tune-Up

During your air conditioner unit tune-up, you can expect our HVAC technician to undertake the following services.

•   The coolant level will be inspected, the pressure checked, and, if needed, recommendations made for refilling unit with coolant.
•   The thermostat will be calibrated and the cycle time and temperature checked.
•   The wiring, relays, contacts, and capacitors will be checked and if needed tightened.
•   If needed, recommendations will be made to clean the evaporator coil.
•   The condensate drain will be cleared of debris.
•   The condenser will be inspected and cleaned.
•   The fan motor and the blades on the condenser will be checked for friction and lubricated if needed.
•   The amp reading on the compressor will be checked.
•   Efficiency and safety checks will be conducted.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Unit Tune-Ups

When you have an experienced HVAC technician perform regular tune-ups on your air conditioner unit, you can expect to see many benefits. From improved unit efficiency and performance to reduced need for maintenance and repairs, the benefits of regular air conditioner easily outweigh the costs.

Benefits include:

Increased Air Conditioner Unit Life Span: The expected life of an air conditioner unit is about 15 years. By maintaining the unit regularly, you can help ensure that the air conditioner lasts for this entire period.

Reduced Electricity Bills: If you have not performed maintenance on your air conditioner unit for some time, a tune-up will allow your unit to operate more efficiently, which can result in reduced energy consumption.

Increased Performance: When all the parts are working optimally, the efficiency and performance of your air conditioner unit increases. Therefore, the air conditioner unit will give you a better output for the same amount of electricity.

Improved Safety: A well-maintained air conditioner unit is less likely to undergo a short circuit or any other electrical problem that might lead to a fire. This means improved safety for your family.

Reduced chances of other mechanical problems developing: You may have noticed, but many old air conditioner units tend to make a lot of noise during operation. Maintenance can help with this problem and help prevent many other problems from developing.

Less down time: Air conditioner unit repairs can be expensive and time consuming. Regular tune-ups will cut the chances of major issues from developing, which can result in costly repair bills.

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Regular tune-ups are necessary to ensure an air conditioner unit’s long life and efficiency, and they are highly recommended by most manufacturers. To learn more about Milton Mechanical Services and HVAC and our air conditioner tune-up services, call us today at 770-360-1297.